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What my patients say is extremely important to my business. Without patient satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Agostinelli Massage and Wellness is so invested in making sure that patients are happy with all of the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.


Theresa is a very kind, compassionate and professional. Her background in pediatric nursing gives her a deeper understanding of the science behind the healing process through the art of message therapy, After my session, her healing hands not only helped to relieve my hip pain, but also cleared my head. Thank you!!!

Lynda D.

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Completely professional treatment. Slowly alleviating a long term nerve issue I've had. Totally recommend

Brian A.

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Theresa's many years of medical expertise shows in her ability to understand the nature of sore muscles and joints!

Nicholas L.

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Theresa was instrumental in alleviating chronic pain in my left leg associated with the piriformis muscle (something I didn’t know until I saw Theresa). Thanks to Theresa, I not only feel better but learned the cause of my pain and why. I’m so grateful for her help. A great physical and educational experience. I’ve had other massages in the past but none have been as healing and informative.”

Alex N.

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She focused on every problem area I had in detail and I came out feeling super relaxed.

Madeline O.

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Theresa offers a skill set that perhaps no other massage therapist can offer in Rochester and that is due to her 30+ years experience as a nurse practitioner. She has an incredible understanding of the human body and how to improve ones function, mobility, and vitality . Beyond that, she is compassionate, nurturing, and supportive. She has a beautiful office where you will leave feeling rejuvenated and stabilized by her healing touch. Thank you, Theresa.

Annie L.

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Theresa is truly amazing! I've struggled for 3 year after a MVA and have a number of treatments. what seperates Theresa from everyone is she listens and HEARS what you are saying and feeling. She studies your pain so at your next session she has ideas, new ways to work on you. she collaborates with other medical professionals to seek their opinion and treatment options. 
Theresa I appreciate you, and the passion for what you love. Thank you!

Tiffany M

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Theresa was amazing! She is so welcoming and has the most beautiful energy. They massage was so relaxing and felt so good. I left feeling so relaxed, all the tension had left my body and I felt like my body was stretched and lengthened. I sit a lot at work so I am so scrunched up a lot and don’t have great posture. Theresa really worked on the muscles where I carry the most tension and stress and I felt totally rejuvenated walking out. Highly recommend!!! ✨

Katherine J.

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Theresa has a special gift of making you feel special and really listens and attends to your needs.

Karla L

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I sometimes find it difficult to do things for myself, without guilt, but my experience with Theresa is helping to change that. Physically and mentally I felt so much better after my time with Theresa. Theresa's space is beautiful and calming, every detail has meaning. As told to me by a very wise person, I must have integrity towards myself..... I will definitely be a regular.

Kelly E

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